Narcissistic Defences

Have you ever tried to confront a narcissist or sociopath? Good luck if you decide to try – in fact I would strongly advise against it. Make sure you read to the end for a special insight.

Here are some of their most common responses:

  • “You need to get a life”.
  • “You are mentally ill”.
  • “Stop psychoanalysing everyone all of the time”. (exaggerating)
  • Telling you that you are so awful because you are blaming other people for EVERYTHING! (this is projection – it’s the narcissist’s motto that they are perfect and someone else is always to blame)
  • “YOU are the PROBLEM”.
  • Going into victim mode – crocodile tearscrocodile tears
  • Silent treatment
  • Threats to report you / get you sent to the loony bin
  • Telling you that no one else has ever made the complaint that you have just made (as though it is YOU with the problem, and they are perfect)

Hopefully you can see how ridiculous most of these defences are!

The special insight is that a narcissist projects his negative qualities onto others. In other words, everything he is accusing you of is what he really fears to be true of himself!

What have your experiences of confronting a narcissist been?

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