Hello, I am the founder of Feeling is Healing. I hold a degree in medical sciences, MA (Cantab), from the University of Cambridge and have worked in the medical field for a number of years. I’m a certified coach, speaker and an advanced Theta Healing practitioner.

Uncovering Self-Limiting Beliefs
Dysfunctional relationships had affected all areas of my life: work, family, friends, acquaintances as well as romantic relationships. This led me to a great sense of shame that “There must be something wrong with me”. This belief was buried deep in my subconscious mind.

The limiting beliefs about myself became so psychologically crippling that it became almost impossible to function in adult life:

  • I had no confidence or belief in my decisions.
  • I did not have a clear sense of my own identity and I did not trust my own instincts.
  • I felt that everything about me was WRONG and that others had the right to judge and condemn me as they somehow held a key to life that I lacked.
  • I felt at constant threat of punishment and attack, which left my nervous system in a highly activated and hypervigilant state.

Holding the key to lifeLearning about the dynamics of abuse was a huge relief for me as it allowed me to see that these painful beliefs were not true. I discovered that I had been groomed to be a prime target for abusers and emotional manipulators. I also learnt that simply understanding the dynamics of abuse were not enough, I needed to get in touch with the full force of my feelings. Many of these feelings, including anger, rage, sadness, hurt and disgust were deeply buried, due to my own sense of shame in experiencing them.

Physical Health
Below are a couple of examples which illustrate the connection between our beliefs, emotions and our physical health. During my teenage years I experienced some physical symptoms. Despite numerous visits to specialists, the only solution offered to me was a pharmaceutical one. Despite going down this route for a number of years, it was fruitless. I had almost given up on the symptoms resolving.

However when I was at university, I started counselling. I was able to speak about some experiences in my life that I felt ashamed about. I could sense something shift in my body. The symptoms, that I had been experiencing for many years, seemed to disappear overnight.

A few years ago I experienced some severe jaw pain. The pain was so bad that I arranged an emergency dental appointment. As I called the clinic, I felt a wave of emotion crash over me. This carried with it the thought of, “I’m so fed up of feeling as though I have to try to make people love me”. It felt like a real strain that I was trying to hang onto and control. It was exhausting. As the tears feel down my face, I felt a great sense of relief and of letting go of the struggle. The jaw pain then naturally subsided very quickly.
Love After Recovery

Looking Towards the Future
Through my recovery journey I discovered many approaches that were not useful and others that helped me to make big shifts. As a result of these experiences I felt a calling to support others who are looking to make impactful changes in their relationships and in their lives.

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