Self Care Tips

We need to take care of our bodies as we go through the recovery process.

  1. Yoga: Yoga helps us to get in touch with our bodies. During the 4F (flight, fight, freeeze, fawn) response to a threat, the body tightens and contracts. Stretching helps to resolve
  2. Singing: Relating to a song and getting lost in the lyrics can be an effective way to process our emotions.
  3. Expressing emotion: Tears can be very relieving. Toxins are released from our bodies in the tears when we cry. Toxins are also released by blowing your nose, as opposed to sniffing.
  4. Shaking: If you feel shaky, honour this feeling. Allow the body to shake. This is the body’s way of releasing the hormones that build up during a stressful and traumatic experience. It is better for these chemicals to leave your body.
  5. Comedy: If you keep a diary of anything that makes you laugh, then you will be able to look back at it whenever you feel like it. Laughter is a great stress buster.
  6. Journaling: Writing about what you are feeling and experiencing is another great way of processing what is going on and releasing stress.
  7. Making a Connection: Speaking to someone who you trust, who is validating and empathic, can help us to feel supported, understood, cared for and worthy.
  8. Breathe: Breathing can help us to process the sensations in our body and to help us to feel calm.
  9. Have Faith in the Process: Trust the natural healing process. We couldn’t possibly heal in one day, as this would be too much of a shock for the body to cope with. Trust that we receive what we need when the time is right.

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