Feeling is Healing coachingRecovering from narcissistic abuse is often a make or break situation. It requires us to re-evaluate our values and priorities and how we relate to and interact with others.

We may have deeply embedded coping strategies that served us and kept us safe at one time, but which are now causing us pain in our lives.

Below is an outline of the topics covered in the coaching programme.

Making sense of the present
Understanding the factors that kept you stuck in unhealthy relationship dynamics.
Understanding why you developed these coping strategies and how they once served you.
Giving yourself permission to let go of the roles and identities that no longer serve you.

Releasing toxic bonds
Understanding the nature of abusive relationships, trauma bonding, intermittent reinforcement and gaslighting.
Breaking toxic bonds with people who are draining your energy and life force.
Overcoming the sense of obligation to sacrifice yourself in order to please others.

Reconciling the past
Validating yourself so that you are no longer giving away your power by needing validation externally.
Reclaiming your energy by releasing the sense of responsibility to save and fix others.
Understanding that the best way to love and serve others is to focus on yourself and your own healing.

Sense of self
Identifying your values and what is important to you.
Developing a strong and clearly defined sense of your qualities, so that abusers can no longer threaten your sense of self.
How to trust yourself and your decisions.

Getting in touch with your body and your inner wisdom.
Learning how to feel safe in your body and in your own skin so that you no longer feel hypervigilant and on the look out for danger.
Tuning into your heart and your intuition.

Triggers, susceptibility to abuse
Uncovering and processing the triggers that leave you vulnerable to abuse.
Resolving triggers from past events so that you feel calm and centred in your sense of self, leaving you immune to toxicity.
Learning how to love and treat yourself well so that others also know what kind of treatment you will accept.

Boundaries, preferences, values,
How to identify your boundaries.
Releasing blocks and fears to setting boundaries.
How to maintain boundaries with confidence when these are challenged.
Being able to acknowledge your needs and to communicate them to others.

Escaping the role of scapegoat
Releasing the need to prove to others that you are a “good” person and replacing this with an ethos of acting with authenticity.
Allowing others to take responsibility for what belongs to them.
Refining boundaries so we can differentiate ourselves from the identity that others want to impose onto us.

Self love and self responsibility
Know that self care is self responsibility.
Learning how to listen to, support, nurture and champion your inner child.
Learning to love who you are right now and giving up on the unrealistic expectation of achieving perfection.

Dealing with challenges and barriers to recovery
Navigating changes in existing relationships during a period of transformation.
Tracking the progress that you are making.

Releasing the blocks to your true self
Identifying the reasons why you may be holding onto behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you.
Stopping playing small and hiding away so that you can shine and live to your potential.

Holistic wellbeing
How to process emotions and sensations.  Allowing emotions to pass through you as you experience them, rather than suppressing them and holding onto them.
Learning to be kind to yourself and why that is so important for your general health and wellbeing.

Following your heart and living your potential
Gaining a sense of what it feels like to know that you deserve to be happy and to experience true love and intimacy.
Defining what you want and need in a relationship and what you have to offer a partner.
Feeling safe to trust yourself and your instincts and that you will be guided to the right people and partners for the greatest good.
Learning who you truly are and setting goals for a prosperous future.
Identifying your life’s purpose.
How to manifest what your heart desires.

What is Theta Healing?
This is a powerful technique that we can use to change beliefs at the subconscious level.  The process involves identifying when the belief was first formed and for what purpose it served us.  We sense where the belief and its resulting feelings are held in the body.

Feeling is Healing is for people who are tired of feeling undervalued and disrespected and who are dedicated to making changes to the quality of their relationships and their lives.

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