Dealing With The Fear of Flying Monkeys

The fear caused by the feeling that a flying monkey could show up at any moment is intense. It can be terrifying. It can lead us to feel constantly on edge, just waiting for the next bad thing to happen. This is bad for our health and wellbeing. In this video, we look into understanding why flying monkeys provoke such strong reactions. We also look at things we can do to support ourselves.

How to Deal With Flying Monkeys

The betrayal that occurs as a result of narcissistic abuse can be devastating. However, on top of that many people find that the abuser has recruited a number of “flying monkeys” to carry out evil deeds on their behalf. This can be really difficult to deal with and come to terms with. Having a group of people, who you once believed cared about you, turn against you and enable someone who is hurting you, can be crazy making. The most important thing to remember is that their behaviour is a reflection of them. It is not a sign of any weakness in you – quite the opposite, in fact. On the plus side, experiencing abuse by flying monkeys can be an invitation for you to uplevel the standards of what you know you deserve in relationships. This can help you to move on to healthier relationships in the future.

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